Everything begins with a decision, a move, and an action. This is the moment you make a decision to take charge of your life and change the narrative to something beautiful, powerful, and meaningful.

Mindset Coach & Counselor
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My name is Juanita Burgess and I am a certified Life Coach and Counselor. I am professionally experienced and trained in many coaching and counseling disciplines which include, but are not limited to: relationships (single/married/divorce), mental health, crisis intervention, business, wellness, and spiritual health.As your Coach & Counselor, I focus on helping you establish a healthy mindset so that you can make sound and progressive decisions for your life and career. My goal is to help you dig your heels in the dirt, swing at your target, and knock it out of the park!I am committed to joining your commitment to your success. I pride myself on being a confidential and supportive safe place for all of my clients. I bring a variety of methods to each session so that your experience is customized and maximized. You will be challenged to grow and recalibrate your mindset. And if you are willing to commit to our coaching/counseling relationship, you will achieve your desired outcomes. You can do this! The day of mediocrity is over and your time is NOW!

Services Offered

Relationship Coaching/Counseling

In these sessions, you (or you and your partner) will be guided through the unpacking process of what may have caused challenges in your relationship. The ultimate goal of your mindset coach is to assist you (and your partner) in healing, growing, maturing, and defining what happiness must look and feel like in your lives.

Weight Management

Managing weight can be very challenging. Especially if you do not have positive support and accountability. In your sessions with your mindset coach, you will have the support you need to pursue your healthy weight goals. You will have impactful and empowering experiences that aid you in achieving your desired outcomes.
**Please note: your coach is not a medical doctor, nutritionist, or fitness professional. Therefore, all guidance given is superseded by and subject to the recommendations and guidance given by your medical and health advisors.

Life Coaching/Counseling

In these sessions, you will be challenged to explore what you are truly capable of accomplishing. Our mindset coaching approach is designed to support your dreams while assisting you in creating actionable goals with impactful outcomes.

Career & Performance

I will guide you through the steps needed to discover your path to success. Whether you want to launch a new business, or go further in your existing career path, I will assist you in formulating a plan that will create realistic and attainable goals. You will be encouraged, supported, and inspired to fulfill your desired outcomes.

Marital Readiness

Marital Readiness Coaching is designed to support you in your pursuit of marriage preparation. You will be guided through a series of thought-provoking sessions filled with action and goal setting, along with self-discovery activities.

Group Mindset Coaching

Group Mindset Coaching is a collective and progressive way for aligned and like-minded individuals to corporately grow and establish accountability. You can form your own group amongst family, friends, or business partners. I will facilitate a customized course of activities designed to empower you.

If you are in the Greensboro/Triad area of North Carolina, check out my local group coaching platform,
My Sister's Sofa.


A consultation is a great way for me to get to know you better, get clarity on your goals and formulate a plan for how I can best serve you.

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